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Breed: Pit Bull, Jack Russel Terrier,

Age: Adult

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Color: White, Brown

Good With Children: Older Children

Altered: Not yet!

Hello! My name is Charlie. I’m a very fun and friendly guy in need of some help. You see, I came into the shelter as a stray. No one knows where I came from or how I ended up on the streets. But the staff took me in and gave me plenty of food and lots of love. They could see right away that I was really sweet and lots of fun. After a couple days, they gave me my shots and ran a blood test. That’s where things got rough. I tested positive for heartworm. They even ran it a couple more times to be absolutely sure.

It’s not the end of my story though. Heartworm is treatable. It’s just not treatable in a shelter. While I’m getting medicine I will have to stay calm and relaxed, which is hard to do when there’s so much going on here. Besides, I’m tired of the street life. I would love to be in a home. Once my treatment is done and I can be spunky again, you’ll see I’m super playful. I love my toys. I even growl at them! But it’s all good fun.

So, I’m looking for an adopter or rescue that can take me in and give me the treatment I need. If you don’t know much about Heartworm and its treatment, do some research. Talk to your vet. It never hurts to ask questions. So, if you’re interested or have questions, feel free to give us a call at (724)654-8520. The staff will tell you I’m an awesome dog! I even seem to do ok with other dogs. I can’t wait to meet you!