Age Requirement

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. Teens under 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian attend a volunteer orientation with them to sign all of the paperwork.


All volunteers need to satisfactorily complete a volunteer orientation to volunteer at LCHS.

General Job Descriptions

Socializing – It is important to socialize puppies and kittens so that they are accustomed to human contact. This may involve walking and playing with a puppy or holding a small kitten. These animals will be selected by the staff.

Walking – Most dogs (depending on their personality and characteristics) are walked several times a day. These animals will be selected by the staff. Adult volunteers may walk the dogs by themselves. Teen volunteers, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, will each have a leash attached to one animal. We have a circle driveway around the property and also a long road leading to the ball fields. Extreme caution must be used while walking because of the traffic coming and going. Baggies will be provided to pick up any feces.

Training – It is a distinct advantage to the dog/puppy to be partially trained prior to adoption. This will require a volunteer who has had previous experience in successfully training dogs. Basic obedience is the goal which includes walking/heeling on a leash, down, sit, stay, come. These animals will be selected by the staff.

Fundraising – We have many fundraisers throughout the year and always need volunteers to help plan, set up, work the event and clean up. These events include a Rabies Clinic, retail booth at the AKC Kennel Club Dog Show, Food Drives at grocery stores, Lawrence County Fair, Apple Castle Fall Festival, Adoption Fairs, Pet Therapy in nursing homes and hospital.


Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Consent Form

Volunteer Manual