Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy has proven to be beneficial to all involved. It is a documented medical fact that petting a dog or cat reduces blood pressure, anxiety, depression and loneliness and has a general calming affect on people. Even a non-responsive patient will react to the touch of an animal.

“Lucy”, owned by Jan, and “Gunner”, owned by Lois, are Certified Therapy Dogs representing the Lawrence County Humane Society. They make regular visits to the hospital, nursing homes and assisted living facilities on a monthly basis.

The patients enjoy petting the dogs plus they forget about their aches, pains and loneliness for a little while. The staff looks forward to pet visits as much as the residents do. The dogs enjoy being loved and shown affection. And Jan and Lois enjoy knowing that they are helping to bring happiness to people.

The dogs play the role of “physical therapists” when a patient picks up and tosses a toy, they are “speech therapists” when a patient is stimulated to talk to them and they are “psychologists” when they listen to whatever the patient has to say.

Some psychologists say that a dog can do in minutes what it takes them hours or years to do. Whether by scent or by some other unknown power, animals seem uncannily drawn to sit next to and lean against the people who need them the most.

Please contact us if your facility would like a visit from Lucy or Gunner!

— Dedicated in memory of our original therapy dogs, Lizzie, Deana, Reggie & Sadie.–